Heavily influenced by 80’s synth-pop, Bispatial is a songwriter, singer and producer in his own right, as well as one half of Androgyne with Luna Keep label mate Blume.

Bispatial has co-written, produced and remixed several electronic artists such as mOOger! and Haberdashery as well as composing themes for animated short films.

Bispatial is currently writing & recording Androgyne’s debut album, following which he will be recording his debut album.

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It’s Xmas!

18 December 2017

Bispatial releases a new ep - ‘It’s Xmas!’

In what has almost become an annual tradition, Bispatial drops his latest release - the ‘It’s Xmas!’ ep - just in time for Christmas!

Opening with a re-recorded and re-mastered mix of the tongue-in-cheek title track, the ep contains three exclusive new songs; the sugar-coated ‘I’m In Love With You’ is followed by an instrumental version of ‘Goodbye’ which was co-written with One Vista for their recent album ‘Return.‘  Rounding off the package is Bispatial’s haunting rendition of Christine & The Queen’s ‘Night 52.’

‘It’s Xmas!’ is available to download now.

Track listing:

01 It’s Xmas!

02 I’m In Love With You

03 Goodbye (Instrumental)

04 Night 52

Download links:


Co-written/produced album release

08 September 2017

One Vista return with their brand new album on 11 September 2017.

‘Return’ was co-produced and mixed by Bispatial, who also co-wrote five of the tracks on the album and provided backing vocals on three tracks (*).

Track listing:

01 Too Many Memories

02 One More Chance*

03 Too Late For Love*

04 Never Gonna Change

05 High Flying Bird

06 Who On Earth

07 Return

08 Trust A Broken Heart

09 We Just Got It Wrong

10 Unsolved Mystery*

11 Goodbye

Download links:



New remix on ‘Electropop 12’ release

18 March 2018

Bispatial has contributed a new remix of One Vista’s ‘Too Many Memories’ for the latest ‘Electropop’ album.

‘Electropop 12’ - released 13 April - is the final edition in the long-running compilation series from Conzoom Records.  This is Bispatial’s third appearanc eon ‘Electropop’ this time providing an old-school extended remix, which is exclusive to this release and is available for pre-order now.

The original version of ‘Too Many Memories’ is taken from the One Vista album ‘Return’ available here.


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